How To Post
                                                             " It is easy to get posted!"
Step 1: Prepare your job advertisement or announcement in a Word or PDF format. 
Step 2: Click "Checkout" on the top right corner to download & fill out the GHE order form. 
Step 3: Send the completed GHE order form, your posting & school logo to: 
Step 4: We will send you a confirmation email once we post your job advertisement or announcement.
           We will process your payment only after we post your position/announcement.
Posting Category
Job Advertisement
We will send out your posting once a week for 60 days on our Listserv.  Your Listserv posting will include a 50-80 word description of your advertisement.
Your posting will also be on our website for 60 days.  On the landing page of our website, we will post the position/rank/school name with a direct link to your advertisement as "Job Highlights".  On the US/Global/Administrative Job pages, your school logo, a description of your open position, and a direct link to your job advertisement will appear. 
If you do not fill the position within 60 days, we will repost it for another 60 days on both our Listserv and website for no additional charge (within 6 months from the original posting date).  Just let us know!
You will receive all of these benefits for $450.
Other Announcements (Except Jobs)
Conferences, call for papers, or special events will be placed on the landing page of our website.  We will also send out your announcement on our Listserv once a week.  The cost & duration for announcements are listed below:
30 days for $175
60 days for $250
90 days or until your conference date for $300
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