Sunny Boger is a co-founder/president of GlobalHospitalityEducators. She has also worked several years in administration at the university level. Her international experience provides her with a deep understanding about how to communicate effectively in a global environment. Promoting hospitality and tourism education is her passion.
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Dr. Carl Bogerís 20 years as an academic administrator and educator made him realize that there was not a centralized place to find job information as well as other professional resources. At the same time, many professional associations have a narrow focus and serve a limited number of educators. His vision is to provide a global resource FOR ALL hospitality & tourism educators.
Global Hospitality Educators (GHE) website was created to better facilitate communication among hospitality and tourism educators. We have over 10,000 faculty members from over 65 countries and the number is growing exponentially. Today, GHE is the largest communication tool for hospitality and tourism educators in the world. We represent no single organization but rather are a clearinghouse of information. We post job advertisements and news from around the world. What makes us different from other organizations is that we DO NOT CHARGE FOR INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS to belong to our community. We offer schools an opportunity to become a sponsor to support our website and LISTSERV.

In January of 2010, we created a website that has been rebuilt several times based on the input of our members. The website is now more focused on promoting jobs around the world and increasing the effectiveness of the announcement section. We view the development of our website as a jouney and constantly update our content and design based on your insightful feedback.

GHE offers excellent benefits to schools and individual members. For schools, we are THE most cost effective way to post job advertisements or announcements. For individual members, they can use our website to effectively find faculty/administrative positions and information about conferences. They can also enjoy discounts from several different organizations as well as networking with others in our field.

WE LISTEN TO OUR MEMBERS AND ENCOURAGE YOU TO JOIN OUR TEAM. In the future, we will continue to search for additional products, projects, and research that will enhance our field.


Sunny & Carl Boger
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Over 10,000 faculty members from about 700 cities across 65 countries visit our website!

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